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Why renovate?

Chances are if you’ve been living in your home for a while, you’ll have developed comforts and conveniences that you don’t want to give up. That could be anything from your local cafe, to your kids’ schools. Or your local gym or the park down the road. 

The reality is, moving home is a huge adjustment. For you and the family. It’s also a monumental pain in the neck. Especially if you’ve been in the same place for a while. 

Renovating your home enables you to keep all of those conveniences and comforts that you’ve grown to love over the years and not disrupt the lifestyle you’ve spent years creating. 

The Westridge Construction approach to renovating

Design is paramount. At Westridge Construction, we assess your current layout and parameters and work with our architects and designers to come up with better use of the existing space. 

A ‘functional’ living space can make a huge difference even in the smallest of homes. With a simple redesign, additional structural roof support and wall removal/reconfiguration, Westridge Construction can help you discover an entirely new home, with maximum space and optimal comfort, resulting in an improved lifestyle for you and your family.

What does renovating my home look like?

Renovations come in many shapes and sizes. We like to think that a ‘renovation’ is taking an existing framework and enhancing it. Whereas an ‘extension’ is adding to an existing space. 

Over the years, we’ve renovated indoor and outdoor living and entertaining areas. We’ve renovated kitchens, bathrooms & laundries. We’ve renovated every room within a house, including bedrooms, lounge rooms, playrooms and even garages. 

Whatever you’re hoping to achieve with your renovation, you can rest assure that Westridge Construction will be able to help you map out your vision and deliver a world-class finished product. 

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